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Dr.-Ing. Roland Bless

Bibtex file of RFCs

If you're frequently citing RFCs as reference, you might want to have a bibtex file of all RFCs. So I wrote an XSLT script to translate the XML-based rfc index, which is provided by the RFC editor, into a bibtex format. Because it is my first XSLT file I've written, it may be far from being perfect. However, I think it works well enough for most purposes. After translation by xslt, you need to replace some special characters that TeX doesn't like. This is preferably done by sed or perl, because XSLT does not perform very well for such tasks. Okay, I hope I saved a little bit of your valuable time, so enjoy...

  • BibTeX file of RFC index (converted daily from RFC Editor's XML index)
    rfc.bib.gz (Wednesday, 26-Apr-2017 12:19:07 CEST, 1.5M Bytes, gzip compressed)
  • rfc.bib (Wednesday, 26-Apr-2017 12:19:06 CEST, 7.4M Bytes)
  • rfcxmlindex2bibtex.xslt (Wednesday, 02-Feb-2005 00:39:06 CET, 9.5K Bytes)
    XSLT XML transformation script for converting the XML-based rfc index to bibtex.
    Use this script for a customized output. You could use either
    java org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process -in rfc-index.xml -xsl rfcxmlindex2bibtex.xslt -out -
    xsltproc rfcxmlindex2bibtex.xslt rfc-index.xml | 
             sed -e 's/\([_&%#$]\)/\\\1/g' -e '/author=/s/\([^ ]*\) \(3rd\|Jr\.\)/\{\1 \2\}/g' >rfc.bib

Eric Rescorla has written a perl script which you may use as an alternative

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